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Toasted pumpkin seeds are extremely versatile and nutritious. Add them to anything from sweet dishes to savory and hearty. I have been putting them on noodles, in pasta, on pizza and on salads, that is when Im not just eating them plain!


  • 1 cup green, shelled, pumpkin seeds [raw]


In a large skillet or frying pan, toast pumpkin seeds over medium heat stirring constantly. Continue heating and stirring until the pumpkin seeds begin to turn brown and pop up, about five minutes.

Additional Tips

One can drizzle olive oil or soy sauce/ Tamari on the toasted pumpkin seeds recipe once prepared, as well as salt or pepper. In fact you could add any flavoring you want. Pumpkin seeds or pepitas (pepitas are actually squash seeds but I am unable to tell them apart) are an excellent way to include high quality nutrients into one's diet. Pumpkin seeds are particularly useful in a vegan diet; because they are so versatile, their nutrition is easily incorporated into any dish you want.

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