Welcome to the Cheap Vegetarian, a growing collection of simple, healthy, vegan and vegetarian recipes. We publish only the best of essential vegetarian recipes; all dishes have been tested in our kitchen to ensure they meet our quality criteria. Feel free to browse the collection. Check back soon as there are many great idea's coming up!

The Cheap Vegetarian is a free resource providing information on how to cook simple, delicious, economical and healthy vegetarian food. Although all the recipes that are on The Cheap Vegetarian are for veg*n foods this site is intended for all palates. Its common knowledge that eating a plant based diet provides one with optimal health. Whether you are a hardcore vegan or an omnivore looking for a healthy meal idea, this site is for you.

The Cheap Vegetarian is in its early stages of development. We strive hard to ensure that all of our recipes are clear, and easy to follow. We welcome feedback regarding the quality of this site and the recipes contained herein.



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